6448! And I thought I had issues!

It looks as though all the collected issues now have been logged by steinberg.


Even though we may not see many fixed soon or at all, it is nice to see Steinberg have seemed to organized them numerically.

I wonder what [R-0001] was and if it was ever fixed. Any guesses? Move frozen events maybe? :laughing:

Well the lowest number on that page is 3455.
Let’s hope that somewhere between 0001 and 3454 they resolved a couple :open_mouth:
I wonder if those numbers actually relate to the list of resolved issues that is posted with each new version??

EDIT: I just looked up the 6.5 version history pdf. Those are 5 digit issue id numbers. So maybe they started fresh with C7?

[R-0001] Can’t open *.all/*arr files from floppy formatted on Atari. :laughing: