64bit AND 32bit?

Can both N6 64bit and 32bit be installed on the same machine? I’m having trouble with some 32bit VSTi’s so I’d like to install both versions.



Yes, you can install both side by side.


You can indeed - but a word of warning.
Make absolutely SURE you are not pointing the plugin information window’s VST2.x paths to 32-bit folders where you also have 64-bit versions installed as this will almost certainly spoil your day much sooner than later.

As an example, I have custom plugin installation paths as follows:
C:\Program Files\64 - for plugins in 64-bit versions, accessed only by 64-bit hosts
C:\Program Files\32 - for plugins that only exist as 32-bit versions, accessed by both 64 & 32-bit hosts
C:\Program Files\32 Shared - for plugins that also have a 64-bit version installed, only accessed by 32-bit hosts.

Pointing both 64 & 32-bit versions of plugins will cause performance issues