64bit Audio Setting

I know I should know this but having only recently upgraded to 10.5 on a new 64bit computer I need some help.

I am happy recording at 32bit floating, which I have set up in the project set up.

Therefore is there any purpose or advantage from having the Audio System setting (where ASIO Latency etc is) set at 64bit. I am presuming it may just affect how plug ins are processed but could do with some guidance

Excellent question!
I’ve stuck with 32-bit float for now, but I’d like some technical insight as to pros and cons.

They’re two different things.

The 32bit in project setup is the bit depth you’re recording at.

In the studio setup it’s the processing precision which Cubase operates at, and has an effect on how many plugins you can run etc.

Thanks for that, so on a 64bit machine is it better to have it on 64bit?

I mean to say does it give a better quality of plugin sound, but less of them etc?

Here’s what it says in the manual:

Hi, the two aspects “64 bit machine”(OS actually) and “64bit project setup” (Audio processing) have practically nothing to do with each other. The first talks about adress-spaces for the OS and some other technical details.

The audio processing (64bit project setup) affects plugins as aleady said and the “precision” of audio processing. There is serious doubt that (except for some plugin-types) that there are any relevant differences in audio quality resulting from this. As technology evolves it has become a habbit to exploit it, even though audible differences are questionable. This is very much like the 8K television-thing.

Bottom line: The two aspects are not linked. If you are convinced to benefit from 64bit audio processing and your machine can handle it - just do it. If you are not convinced, stick with lower values - it will save processing power and space.

Going to a 64 bit OS is more or less mandatory, 32 bit OS will extinct.

Cheers, Ernst

In some cases 64bit processing can have better performance.
Depends on the plugins used.
For example Waves plugins do some conversions back and forth from 64bit to 32bit.
The Steinberg plugins don’t .
I have projects that have better performance with 64 bit processing ON.
Most projects I don’t see any affect.
There have been numerous comparability issues when 64 bit processing first was introduced.
I hope they have been solved by now.