64bit C8 freezes on startup - 32bit starts just fine

64bit is freezing once it starts loading a particular channel or Mixconsole. I can watch the loading bars fly by, but then all of a sudden–one will just completely STOP. When I check “Task Manager” (Ctrl+Alt+Del), W7 says that C8 is “Not Responding” and I have to shut it down. I can wait for minutes on end but nothing will happen.

My 32bit version loads perfectly on the first try.

Any thoughts? Could it be RAM related then?

Had the same issue happening over the past week or so w/64bit CPro8.0.5
This was NOT happening before that time!
I had to go into preferences and disable the Steinberg Hub on Startup preference.
64 bit starts every time and I can still launch the S.Hub once it is started if I want.

^^ That’s awesome…I’ll have to try that when I get to my studio. Wonder what it has to do with the hub though?

Freezes in x64 were happening intermittently with the upgrade to C8, and I thought it was maybe being caused by tracks that had 32bit plugs bridged to 64bit–and just general buginess. I upgraded to 8.0.5 and last night it happened EVERY time I tried to load a project in x64 >:(

I upgraded from C6.5 the day C8 came out. I didn’t have this issue with C6.5.


Are you using any 32 bit plugins? I had a similar issue. If so, during the load, if it hangs, in the task manager end the vstbridge process. You will get a Cubase error that the bridge stopped but if it loads, then you know it is a 32 bit plugin. I had the issue when particular 32 bit plugins were used, or a number of 32 bit plugins were used or several instances of a 32 bit plugin was used. I started using jbridge and all is well now. Also, keep an eye on which channel it hangs on, chances are that it is a plugin in that channel or the next, from my experience. You can narrow down which plugin by, if you can get it to load by ending the process, then remove a plugin 1 at a time and save the project as a different name and try to load it. If it loads, you found the suspect plugin.

So turning off the hub had no effect >:(

I’ve been tinkering around though and noticed that other projects are able to load. I think it’s a particular plugin in the project that I’m working in, maybe a jbridged 32-bit one. I also noticed that the proj seems to freeze on the same channel, so I can possibly narrow down the plugins that are on that track. I dont have the 32-bit version open right now, but I know there’s Waves, FabFilter, Altiverb…

What sucks too is that I cant even remember which plugins of mine are x64 and which are just bridged lol :confused: