64bit FW card make a difference?

Hi Guys,
Building a new system.
Wondering if my old 32bit fw card will degrade performance in my Win7 64bit system?
Using a TC Electronic SK48 as my interfeace.
Thanks, mike

If the card doesn’t have 64 bit drivers it won’t even work under Win7 64 bit.

Nowadays it’s usually not about the actual physical hardware. It’s about the drivers.

What kind of interface does it have (PCI, PCIe)?

It’s PCI; Syba SD-PCI-4F, and does not require a driver.

Hard to say then. Under 32 bit Windows it was dependent on Windows driver base to provide it with a driver.

It should then work under Win7 64 bit.

Assuming that Microsoft has a 64 bit driver for it.

As for performance? Theoretically should be the same.

Best just to try it and see.

Thanks for the info.