64bit insert plugins

I think I’ve only got 64bit plug’s installed into Cubase 6, 64bit as they not only show up but I moved and installed according to the instructions (I think) into the Program Files Folder instead of the Program Files (x86) Folder. My question is that when some of these show up, like Autotune they have either some slashes in front of the name or a tilted box in front of the name. That must mean something but I can’t find out what it means? Can anybody please help? Thanks,


OK, I’m sorry but just telling me VST3 doesn’t quite give me an answer.
What exactly does the three slashes in front of the insert plugins and the vst instrument plugins mean?
Some have just three slashes /// and others have sort of a slanted box arrangement with two slanted boxes within the icon or whatever it is.
I’m just trying to figure out if I’ve got everything installed correctly or not???
Cubase crashed with this same arrangement when I used some of the plugin’s.
Should I get that software “jbridge”?
Please give me a little more clarity here…I know you’re real busy but I could use the help…

The three slashes mean it’s a VST3 plug. Are you running 64 bit Cubase? If yes your crashing could be caused by a VST2.x plug using the Steiny bit bridge and J-Bridge could definately sort it but you’ll have to research your specific plugs. Even in a 32 bit env., J-Bridge is a good thing as it allows plugs to use RAM seperate from the Cubase app. As far as the other markings you refer to, a screenshot would help.

mashedmitten already answered you for the three slashes.

As for the “sort of a slanted box arrangement with two slanted boxes within the icon or whatever it is”, I’m pretty sure it means it is a 32-bit plugin (VST FX or VST Instrument). In fact it is written somewhere in the Cubase documentation (don’t remember exactly where though…). To confirm it is a 32-bit app, you just need to check in the column called SDK ( in the Cubase menu bar, open Devices - Plug-in Information ); there the VST version will be indicated, and if the plugin is a 32-bit app, you’ll see it indicated also ( between brackets, like this: (win32) ).
Et voilà!

P.S. I just bought JBridge two days ago and I’m now able to run some 32-bit VSTi on Cubase 64-bit that didn’t run with the included VST Bridge from Steinberg… I highly recommend JBridge for those situations.