64bit & Intensity

I´ve installed both the 32bit and the 64bit application.
In the 32bit version I find my blackmagic intensity as an video-output in the 64bit not.
What can I do?
Thanks, Frieder

QuickTime in a 64-bit Environment

As of writing of this article there is no QuickTime 64-bit support for any Windows system available. In order to bypass this shortcoming, our 64-bit video engine uses a 32-bit helper/wrapper application to access QuickTime. This allows us to offer the same feature set on Windows Vista 64-bit and Windows 7 64-bit. The only exception is the video play-out in Nuendo 64-bit and Cubase 64-bit using e.g. Blackmagic Decklink / Intensity or AJA video cards. This is not possible and requires a 32-bit installation!


It is the same situation here on mac. No 64bit intensity output on my mac will mean much less use of C6|64 for me, since 95% of what I do is to pics.

64bit DAW use is very much in the twilight zone for the moment. I’ve been trying so hard to go there with c6 (omnisphere / kontakt + DAW use seem to be SO much more stable…) but just this morning went back to using it in 32bit. Ah well.

Will be patient. By the time intensity plays out under 64bit software, some of the other plugs I use might also have made the transition.

So I can’t say I’m really hanging out that hard for Nuendo|64 on mac, but if this one is solved, I’ll be a lot more enthused.

Cheers, B.

A 64bit DAW is severely over-rated, IMO. It all seems very exciting, particularly for sample users with big templates, until you realise that every time you open a new project you have to re-load all those samples.

My recommendation would be to use VE Pro to host all memory hungry things and use the 32bit version of Nuendo. This also means that you don’t have to worry about the VST bridge screwing things up for all those plugs (which I guess on OSX is most) that are still 32bit.


I get your point DG - reloading samples is a PAIN.

But workflow wise, it would be much nicer for me to be ALL inside nuendo than having to use an external program like VEP (as good as it is!)

Perhaps if SB were to integrate “preserve” features on VSTi’s (like in VSL) to allow for clever sample loading management, it would be even better.

I run up against the 4GB limit inside nuendo all the time - and it annoys me - knowing that if it was running at 64bits, there would be no problem… (this particular machine has 16GB ram…)

But for now, VEP is my new best friend.