64bit ? ... is bridge stable.. ?

Hey Guys,

I’m about to switch to 64 bit load on my mac for cubase 6 … not all my plugins are 64bit as you can imagine …

would you say its safe using the bridge? … is it stable ? … I’m running v6.0.5 build 357

cheers in advance.

The external Jbridge is very stable. I had lots of issues with the build in VSTBridge.

Edit: Sorry, didn’t notice that you use mac. My answer is for Win.


Are there still any 3rd party plugin makers just still making 32 bit plugs?! My how neanderthal. That’s really amateur stuff to be this far behind. And so expensive too. And so cheapskate as to take advantage of other companies having to wipe their mess up by creating bridges for their buggy software to use.

A year is a long time in computing. It’s been three at least. Tell the VSTi makers to get a move on or die.
They don’t sound better. They’re just more expensive.


Yep … its 2012 and were still waiting for 64bit support … dreadful.

…and others

They’re the cheap products then. Anything of quality would have changed straight away.
Don’t hang about because of a name and a price tag. If they’re not moved to 64bit by now they never will.

I wouldn’t agree with your “cheap” comment … that’s something you can read on any Internet forum, when some manufacturer is not supporting your newest iPussycat from the day one it was released.

But yes, I find it unacceptable they haven’t upgraded to 64 bits yet. But there are couple of Waves plugins I just don’t WANT (not that I can’t) live without … and I can bet there’s some UAD users who feel the same.

I switched to 64 bit and generally I am glad I did however I have had problems with some 32 bit apps, most notably Jamstix which has given problems even using the excellent Jbridge. A lot of my old 32 bit plugs have now been updated and so I now only have a few 32 bit ones left so things are heading the right way and I would say now is a good time to switch

Thanks … i have taken the plunge … and all seems ok for the moment …

the annoying click wrapper is more annoying then anything else :slight_smile:

being able to use 20gig Ram, instead of bouncing everything down, due to only having 4gig Ram @ 32bit is a blessing !

I’m trying to make a point.
All these “Is the bridge stable?” posts are superfluous because the bridge should have been obsolete 6 months after 64 bit was rolled out. After all 64 bit didn’t sneak up at night and surprise anybody.
I feel Steinberg don’t need to do more to the bridge as they have done enough already to cleanup after others and do a great favour for many of their users. Chasing Steinberg up about it will be a pointless excercise.

yeah, like the Lexicon PCM Native Reverb…