64bit Legacy firewire driver needed (I think)!


I just upgraded my setup from an old XP-machine to a brand new win8 64bit setup. (check signature)
I know, I know… win7 would have been the safer choice, but the upgrade price (30€) from XP to win8 was irresistible.
I’ve gotten to really like win8 already. And it’s amazing, how much more responsive it feels, even on my older machine (installed it in there as well).

Considering audio, everything “works”, just not well enough. Low-latency performance is poor, and the vst performance meter goes crazy! It settles at around 1024 samples.
I’ve already done my best troubleshooting.
I’ve disabled AMD’s “Turbo core” and “Cool’n’quiet” which change processor speeds and might cause poor asio performance. I’ve also activated Steinberg power scheme and disabled c-states from BIOS. Disabled UAC. Disabled Wifi. None of these has effected asioperformance noticeably and the problem persists.

I’ve doubted from the beginning that the problem is probably the new firewire driver in win8. Many others have had trouble with it as well.

Could anyone having access to win7 64bit upload the files for the “legacy driver”?
(Or point me to a place where they can be found on the net)
They should be found from the following locations:



Ps. If you have in mind something else worth trying, please tell! :slight_smile:

have to do this from a win7 POV i dont know 8 well enough (hate win8)

you should have a tile for desktop click that get to control panel somehow (on the wifes win8 and our test dummy system) i put that icon on the desktop so not sure where to find…

from control panel click system
then device manager, then IEEE 1394 rightclick update software
then browse
then let me pick from list
you will then see the legacy driver

Thanks for your answer JCschild!
Sorry, I forgot to say, that the legacy driver has been “kindly” removed from windows 8 by Microsoft. And it seems like they have no intension of bringing it back, although many are having problems with the new driver.

But I just realized that my parents have a win7 64bit machine and I’m seeing them soon, so I’ll be getting the driver from them.
In case someone’s interested, I’ll post back next week whether it solves the problem.

i found a post in microsoft technet forum , where a rme soundcard user posted a link to
a firewire driver from a video camera company , works for him : http://www.qimaging.com/support/downloads/
Scroll down to the bottom of the page , or have a look at the original postings :
There is also described a way to install win7 driver on win8 …cant try it by myself , still on win7 …