No disrespect the the OP of the “other” petition - but I’ve been having a miserable time with Cubase since version 7 - then 64bit-only V9 came along which gave me the kind of stability and performance I haven’t experienced since 6.5. Please keep this 32 bit rubbish away from my DAW! Or if the 32 bit request gets traction - at least make it optional!

It seems the majority of my issues must have been related to my 32 bit plugs - yeah, I had “favourite” 32 bit pluggies like everyone else - but I’ll take the stability instead - good riddance! :slight_smile:



Bring back DirectX support!

Nah … just kidding.


Whats this nonsense ? Cubase is already 64bit only…

You read the original post, right?

This is petition to NOT change Cubase the way “other” petition suggested. Capisce?

This does not make sense at all. Why start a petition of it is already clear that Cubase is 64 bit only and will stay that way…