64bit real time - time stretch plug in

I am looking for a 64 bit real time VST - time stretch plug in so create some metallic modulating effects on drums and percussion. (Do correct me if the sample track can do this in the latest update ? That would indeed be awesome)

Had a good search around and found some that were 32 bit only and found a few that did pitch and frequency shifting but not
a 64 bit.

Something like this freeware would have been ok I suspect.


Anyone usng a 64 real time - time stretcher ? The more metallic artifacts the better. :wink:

why not use a tempo track?

Did you have a listen to the audio in the video as this demonstrates the desired effect… I think the tempo track is just going to adjust tempo over time. The goal is a metallic (time stretched effect) which stretches the audio in real time and creates ear pleasing artifacts (as Ableton Live can or historically AKAI samplers in “cyclic” mode which was a lo DSP algo that produced lots of artifacts and was very commonly used in D&B vocals) The effect produced spring like metallic artifacts which sound great.

There seems to be plenty of frequency shifters/pitch/formant shifters but few that will do a real time time stretch to obtain such metallic effects.I am very surpriosed there is no 64 bit real time- time stretch available in Cubase or as a 3rd party plug in.

Someone could make a pretty penny developing one.

ah ok, you don’t want to actually stretch, but just have the artifacts? via an insert plugin in real time?