64bit ver of TOOLS for UR44 for Mac? windows has 32 and 64 bit

Anyone know if Steinberg plan on releasing a 64bit ver of “TOOLS for UR44” for Mac High Sierra?


Good question, also for UR28M.

Sad we’re not getting an answer as my UR44 is a solid lil performer and I’m looking to increase my I/O ability… I did try to get an answer from our local distributor as Stienberg won’t talk to us downunder directly but rather you go through the local distributor (very friendly but somewhat lacking in answers) anyways have already moved on and a currently negotiating a sale of a PreSonus StudioLive 24, so protential sale lost Steinberg.

This is very important! Because the next version of mac OS Mojave (10.14) will be the last release to support 32 bit apps, and the drivers and apps of our Steinberg UR44 audio devices are 32 bit…

If Steinberg doesn’t release 64 bit TOOLS for UR44 for Mac, it will stop working with the next mac OS releases after Mojave.

The same question could be asked for UR824. The console is the only 32-bit software running on my Mac, and is incredibly obsolete-looking and feeling.

Yet, these are products still actively sold. But I understand why during a recent discussion I followed on audio interfaces, none (even Cubase users) recommended Steinberg’s excellent sounding ones.


Steinberg’s device support really sucks. Every time Apple updates macOS, they take ages to test and update their drivers. I cannot understand why they won’t start developing new drivers as soon as the beta versions of macOS are available, so they will be ready soon after the official release. It typically takes a couple of months until you get an update. Pretty sad. And the devices are not really cheap.

I’m sticking with High Sierra 10.13.6, have turned off updates and the machine mostly sits offline.

I’ve only had my custom built MBP back for a week since I tipped coffee through it a few weeks back. it was replaced through apple care. I was really glad that my request for High Sierra 10.13.6 be reinstalled and not the latest Mojave… although I haven’t heard of any folks having issues with it over at avid. I haven’t been on here in a while so not sure if Mojave has caused any issues.