64bits vs 32bits version.

So, since the 7.0.2 upgrade didn’t bring any fix in the constants VSTbridge crashes when I’m using C7 64bits with 32bits plugis (or VSTi) I’m wondering…

What is the main advantage (or advantages) to use the 64bit version of Cubase?

I had 2 PCs (as you can see in my specs) and the one with the 32bit (SO and Cubase) doesn’t had too many problems with plugins as the 64bit version. So I’m considering install C7 32bit in my Windows 8 64bit.

Any advice?

In my experience, using any bridge can cause stability issues to varying degrees, depending on the plugins involved. Sometimes it’s fine, but sometimes it’s a nightmare. Too many headaches for me in the past, so I gave up on all 32-bit plugins, and tried to find replacements for legacy 32-bit plugins as I transitioned to full 64-bit. That was hard initially, but for the most part, I’ve covered all my bases now.

So for stability alone, I’ve switched 100% to 64-bit, and my stability has been extremely good.

The primary reason you’d go 64-bit is to take advantage of all the RAM in your system. If you are a heavy Kontakt or PLAY user, for example, this becomes very helpful when running complex projects with large sample libraries.

If you don’t need to use all your RAM, and/or you have lots of legacy 32-bit plugins that you cannot live without, then I’d suggest you stick with 32-bit Cubase.

Best of luck!

I see! Thanks for the input.

I’m trying to left go my legacy 32bit plugins and even trying to work only with Cubase owns eqs and plugs. But some of them aren’t even being developed (like this very old eq from elemental audio systems that I just love.)

I don’t use too much VST at once, usually I make bounces of them in audio tracks after I finish edit them. but I do use heavy process in the mix process.

I would seriously seek out replacements for the ones that crash in a 64-bit environment. I understand, of course, that this is not something that you can necessarily “just” do, but if I were in your shoes, that is what I would aim for.

Yeap, that’s why I’m trying to do everything with the own Cubase plugs, but there’s some old (and not too old) projects that had a lot of this 32bit plugins there, and changing all isn’t really a good option :neutral_face:

I hear you. I got projects (some 300 of them) that are so old that I cannot import into C7. I know they provide C3 for the purpose of converting, but what a pain in the rear, who’s got the time and besides that who wants to clog up a computer with C3. :slight_smile:

Maybe one day I’ll be zealous and get to it, OR (hint here, Steinberg) maybe a stand alone converter for any old project will arise…

And this brings up a very important point for long-term project future viability and compatibility. I’ve started planning in advance for plugin obsolescence for some projects. And with the most important projects, at the end of the project, I bounce down all the tracks to audio files, so worst case scenario, I can at least work with the raw audio in the future.

The nightmare scenario is having tons of plugins that are no longer being developed… and trying to rely on that configuration 3-4-5-6 years from now. Imagine the mess you’ll be in.

Being a modern composer means you also have to be an IT expert. :slight_smile:

Being a modern composer means you also have to be an IT expert.

I hear ya!

Just spent the better part of a month learning eveything I need to know to do a new computer build (my 5 year old 32 bit Core 2 Duo Win XP system wasn’t hacking it anymore). Amazing: new bios’s, Solid State Drive Offsets, GPT partitioning for >2.2TB drives… I wonder if I will ever PLaY MuSiCk again…!..

I just installed Cubase 6 - 7 in both 32 bit and 64 bit mode on new Win 7 64 bit sytem. Wondering how many plugins I’ve invested in will work.

Elektrobolt - I see you have a 64 bit supported plugin list and include Algorithmix. Do you mean the Algo LP Red and K-Stereo run natively in a 64 bit environment? I have both, they were damned expensive and I use them a good bit, but I notice Algorithmix hasn’t even switched from LLC to eLicenser. Not even sure if can sucessfully transfer my licenses to my new dongle. Wouldn’t want to lose those plugs! And their customer service has been a little slow (understandably).

Any other suggestions for running in a 64 bit environment? Do I have to install all my plugs in both paths?
I have plenty Izotope, Brainworks, SPL, UAD, Voxeongo, Algorithmix, AAS, fxpansion, NI, IK-Multimedia…