64plugs blacklistted

dear cubase forum,

strange things happening in my cubase 9.5. all begins when the the clock chganged to summertime.months ago.

all my 64bit 2.4 plugs including uad2, nativeinstruments, guitar rig, kontakt player, korg legacy and much more…etc
landed suddenly in the blacklist. there were running before and i never had a problem with that.
it came really from one day to another. a very exhausting time started to set in.

i wrote in the german forum, called steinberg, all the procedure…nothing helped.

what i tried was…

i loaded cubase in safe made. i deleted the setting folder. nothing helped… and later manually…
i deleted the folder %appdata%/Steinberg…

i moved the plug folders and made a rescann. later i choose the new locations…again it landed on blacklist…
i did rellay everything possilbe…

of course i also tried to reactive all my 64bit vst 2.4 which were on blacklist.

first it seems to work BUT it was really really exhausting because i had to reactivate every plug or instrument manually…there were tons of clicks and wating. click and waiting… and then…

so later when i am finished and i reload cubase it took minutes to load(normally 5-10 sec). it seems that cubase goes through every reactivated plug until its ready to go…i thought this is ok becuase its the first time and it had to rescanned again…but since that reativation this happened all the time when i started cubase…it took minutes to start…so when the “vst 2…’” was displayed while cubase was starting i knew i could go and make a coffee…

so the only SOLUTION at the end were uninstalling cubase and installing it new.
this works until yesterday…all my plugs 64 bit, vst 2.4 plugs were working and nothing were landing on the blacklist.

but yesterday i updated my kontakt player…and booom agaiin…all my kontakt plugs were again in the blacklist…the same thing…
what is wrong?..do you guys think that maybe the timechange changed somehting in windows itself? win10 64 bit.
any ideas…really i dont want to uinstall and install it again.


greez from vienna…

I have no idea, but will bump this for you. There are definitely a lot of bugs still to be ironed out with 9.5

Hello karunowski,

can you post a screen-shot of the Blacklist?

NI being blacklisted is weird and most probably due to an external dependency.
What procedures did support recommend? Did you try and repair the Microsoft C++ Redistributables that could be used by the plug-ins?
You could try and repair the Redist packages from 2012 and later, then delete the Blacklist files from the %AppData% folder and start Cubase.

There were recent updates to Windows 10, but it’s difficult to say if that has any role (we had cases where the Redist needed a re-install, but it’s honestly a pretty rare occurrence).

Kind regards,

Did you already try to run Cubase as administrator and click refresh from plugin manager? You might have to white list them first though?

thanks for your answers.
i attached the screenshot of my blacklist.
but again this happened to all my plugs when summertime changed…all my vst 2.4 64 bit plug.(uad2, nativeinstruments, korg legacy…etc)went
to the blacklist. only a reinstall of cubase 9.5 helped. now only the kontakt player is on blacklist. because i did an update and i guess because the file changed and cubase realize, made a rescan and put it again on blacklist.
this is stimm afeeling. there is something wrong.

“could u be so kind and send me the proper links for Microsoft C++ Redistributables win 10 64 bit …so i can reinsall and install it again.
thx for your support.”

sorry thought you mean deinstall…now i repaired them all since 2012… unfortuantly nothing changed. i deleted the blacklistfile.
add again the folder of my native instruments plugs…and all kontakt players went to the blacklist.
and btw since i see that you live in hamburg could we talk in german:-)?

greeez from vienna