6A hangs on startup...

…on “Initialising: Video File Handling”.

I then have to kill the cubase6.exe process and restart it, at which point it (usually) loads OK.

This is a bit annoying!

Am I the only one seeing this error?

Currently running it on Windows 7, HP G6000 series laptop (2Gb RAM).


I take it then that nobody else has seen this?

Forum admins/support have any comment?


For the new videoengine your videocard needs to support Open GL2.
In any case update your videocard drivers.
Also try to install the latest quicklime version and see if this solves the problem.

Disable any devices in the device manager that are not absolutely necessary and see if you can determine the source of the error.

Which video card are you using? Are you using any other video related devices?


Possible workaround here if nothing else works for you.


It’ll be whatever’s built-in to the laptop…so nothing great! Nothing else using it.

Good idea about QT update.

Aha, just as I was going to ask if there was a way to start Cubase without the video handling…good man! Well found!

Thanks to both responders.