7.0.1 - update bug?...Video Jitters....

after updating to 7.0.1 the video files I’m using started to jitters all over.
what can I do?

I’m using PC, Win7, 64Bit, 24 giga Ram, latest update for quick time.
all was ok till the update…


Does this help:


but can you please be so kind and upload to web the videoengine.dll from
cubase 7.0.0.?
this will be a major help!
its argent…


Maybe you have the file on the DVD, or you can use an unpacker such as “uniextract” to find the file(s).

I personally remove them from the installation as they consume memory and increase start up time.

(sorry for not being of further help).

did try with “uniextract” but couldnt find the file…
ant ideas?