7.0.2 Mixconsole load / save (vmx) Doesn't recall volumes

I’ve just tested the vmx featured which had been removed.

I now can save Mixconsole tracks settings from one project to a vmx file.

The problem is that loading those tracks in another project doesn’t recall the volumes of those tracks …

Anyone has the same issue ? any workaround ?

Thanks …

Same issue here with Mac OSX 10.8.2.

Thanks Dr V.

I hope we won’t have to wait another 3 monthes to get this to work again :confused:

I’m on MAC :

Same issue on OSX 10.6.8 or on 10.8.2 …

It’s extremely likely.

confirmed here on PC :cry:
no C7 for me until this isn´t fixed…

Same here Win 7 64bit. Getting tiried of waiting for updates to fix problems that didn’t exsist in V7.00 :cry:

Thanks, it works erven if it sucks and takes ages to do that :confused:
I hacen’t tried with channel strips etc though

awesome, I can’t wait to keep on waiting.