7.0.3 Mixer

I thought I’d give 7.0.3 another spin today. After 5 minutes I’m faced with channel widths randomly resizing, but most bizarre of all, each time I open channel settings its width expands by approx 10% until I have to manually resize it so it fits on my screen!

Since screen sets do not restore mixer dimensions/properties, this is a show stopper. I’m gobsmacked. really.

I cannot comprehend how this gets through testing.

Eagerly anticipating a working version!

Yup same thing here. when I close the mixer with narrow channels strips, then hit F3 to open the mixer, the channels strips get wider. They get wider every time I reopen the mixer. LOL!!! I can’t comprehend how this gets past testing either. Any of this stuff really.

Same here I am getting sick to death now of the issues that keep cropping up. I gave 7.03 another go tonight myself and the mixer not only resizes it’s self but I have grid lines missing and when you put thge mouse over them they come back?? Cubase also said I had run out of mem??? Totally bizarre I can load the same project up in 6.5 no issues? I am also getting huge spikes with the project guess what loaded it into 6.5 NO spikes…What the HECK is going on I am still stuck working in 6.5 at this rate I will want my money back very soon

I see the same thing happening here, but only when the mixer is maximized. When it is in a floating window, or if I select Full Screen - Monitor 1 or 2 from the popup menu, I can repeatedly open and close it with no change in channel width.

Another poorly tested release. After nearly 15 years with Cubase I should be used to that by now.

I can confirm the above. If you have 2+ screens and the consoles are floating windows, there is no issue. The only minor glitch on my system (3 screens) is that when I re-open a project, only console #2 loads and I’ll have to hit F3 to open console #1. I can live with that.

What’s totally unacceptable is the VariAudio 2.0 issues (clicks, artifacts etc.), which make it virtually unusable. But then again, to bypass the problem I finally bought Melodyne, so it’s bye bye VariAudio for now…

My Mix Console exibits this behaviour when ‘floating’. Doesn’t have to be full screen here.

Same here. The new MixConsole certainly has its potential, but these graphics issues have been a show stopper since release. It’s about time that they get fixed.

i’m getting a fair bit of work done in 7.02… 7.03 is a showstopper for me but for me at least 7.02 is quite usable…

Hi all,

The issue has been recorded by steinberg: https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=184&t=37288#p238599

I have a similar problem.

When i close the mixer and reopen it, my inserts rack disappears, it becomes unticked in the racks dropdown menu, and I have to tick it again so the inserts row reappears.

If i close the mixer with the inserts unticked in racks menu it’s the other way around, cubase ticks the inserts when i reopen the mixer.

I can’t’ believe i’m the only one having this behaviour lol.

I’m on windows 7 64bits with two displays, and it happens with any screen resolution. Graphic card is nvidia gts450.

Edit: when the mixer stays on the main screen, this behaviour doesn’t happen, it’s only when the mixer is in the second screen.

After trying yet again with 7.03 last night the mixer was going nuts on me lines vanishing and coming back inserts doing the same etc etc. I know have found a new problem Guitar rig 5 will not work right in it. I get loads of noise like a cable is knackered or some hardware has gone faulty in 6.5 NO issue!!! wow this is such a bad update

Its about time you guys found this. I discovered this moment after downloading the update.


I use 3 monitors and 3 mixers are continually open.

There were no replies, so I thought it was just me. And only mixer 1 has this problem. Mixer 2 and 3 are fine.

I also discovered that this behavior does NOT exist with my old projects. Could anyone else verify this?

Windows 7 64 bit.

Yes, that is essentially my experience with 3 monitors (although I never use more than 2 consoles), except that the graphic issues with console #1 are minor and usually get fixed by hitting the G key once or twice. On my system, old and new projects make no difference.

Same behavior here, strange.
Also the channel on the right side of the mixer still disappears sometimes.


Yep, happened here aswell.
Also, the last track in the mixer (right zone lock) is cut off whenever left zones are shown.

I noticed this after just 5minutes of testing, so I am scratching my head as to how it is possible this got through beta-testing.

Either way, I cannot use a mixer that zooms out and cuts off channels, so I rolled back to 7.02.
I had big hopes for 7.03 but this clearly shows something is not right in the developer administration if something like this can happen almost 4 months after a release.

I have a wierd issue The racks button on the mix window doesnt respond and is in a faded state grey. How do I get it back? No difference if I press F3 a few times. Anyone noticed this?

After finishing a long project with Cubase 6 which you can hear on my signature website, I have spent a week with Cubase 7.03.

I can only say that it is absolutely fantastic :smiley: . I found stunning even the mixer, which seems to have quite a few detractors on this forum.

Kudos to Steinberg for such a great product.

By the way, I started with Cubase for Windows. I am not exactly a newcomer.

Just wanted to add to this post as I have added to all the rest I have been involved with. I now have a fully working version of 7.03 it’s bang on other than the small graphic problems with the mixer which SB are well aware of and are in the process of fixing in the next update. But all my other issues have now gone It was all to do with C7 picking up 6.5s pref folder and the BSOD was to do with a low level driver from Deamon Tools so all is great now well happy and I can live with the small mixer problems until the next update

Just a tip. Use a second harddrive for all audiofiles/projects. Use few but high quality plugins. Format system hardrive and install windows 7 64 bit. Install C7 and virtuell instruments. I use halion sonic, Neo keys for example. Then plugins. Keep a text file on all username passwords for the plugin companies.

You will be amazed how quicker the computer becomes! And how bug free cubase becomes.
Use the computer only for DAW work. Not bittorent, games etc.

Format harddrive should be done at least every second year. It should not take more than a day.

Was this ever fixed??

I’ve suddenly started getting this problem in 7.5.3