7.0.3 Update Minor Problem

The update when quickly and two of the items installed Eucon and the 7.0.3 update however, when I bring up the device setup, my MOTU drivers are no longer listed. The only option is the ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver and the Generic Low Latency driver. MOTU is displayed under the ASIO DirectX Full DUplex Driver for IN and OUT on the I/O and Port System Name and Show As. If I click Control Panel, it is the panel for the ASIO DirectX and not the MOTU…
Any suggestions?

Shutdown and re-start system?

Tried that first…no dice

In looking for the simple and obvious I have re-installed the MOTU Firewire driver and it is working now. While the MOTU interface was representing all of the other sounds and noises the computer wants to make while not being used for recording/playback without issue. The install of 7.0.3 may have wiped the file clean. I’m glad it was a simple thing