7.0.3 Update reverted me back to trial... HELP!


I had the trial version of cubase 7 but then bought the full version as an upgrade from 6.5.

Today I downloaded the upgrade to 7.0.3 and when I loaded it up, it now says that I am running a trial version and have 4 days left!

Before I installed my full version I uninstalled the trial so I have no idea why its doing this??

Any idea’s would be greatly appreciated!!

And when you updated, did you also update the license…?

My licence is still under 6.5… when I upgraded to 7 it didn’t change and I couldn’t figure out how to change it. Do you need to de-register the old one and then re-register the new version?

I’m rubbish with things like this!

You need to download the C7 license to the USB eLicenser with the activation code you received with the upgrade / update. If you haven’ t done that already, you’ re probably still running on the trial license, and it explains why it still shows C6.5

Ok thanks, I’ll give that a try!