7.0.3's Eucon Adapter fixes QucikControl name issue

Not a documented fix but…: wIth the installation of 7.0.3 and its new Eucon adapter, finally, custom names of QuickControls are being properly displayed on our Avid control surfaces. Previously, custom QuickControl names had been ignored by the surface displays.

Thank you! This is a major productivity gain for us.

Regards, Mikael

Original thread was here: https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=10123&p=240295#p240295

Hi u,

can you provide Information of what Eucon can control in Cubase currently?

I am desperately searching relevant Information. Some of my questions:

Can we control VSTi-s in the Instrument rack?
What does the “dyn” button do?
What does the “mix” button do?

Why is there no documentation for the eucon adapter’s functionality in relation to cubase?

Cheers, Ernst

I have them displaying correctly in 7.0.2. They never did in 6.x though.