7.0.4 Appearance - General - Button Brightness. Where?

Can someone tell me where Appearance - General - Button Brightness has wandered off to in 7.0.4?

It is still in the Manual but no sight of it in preferences.

OSX 10.8.3/10.8.4

They have not updated the manual with the new color controls.

Thank you for your most insightful comment. http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=175&t=39667

This was not meant to be condescending, I pointed out a failing of the manual. The button appearance controls are indeed gone, as you noticed.

I think when you have been on the forum a little longer you’ll find that Steve is one of the most helpful folks on here and never condescending.

raino, thank you.

With some help from our German Gang, thanks a bunch guys:

The button brightness pref has been removed (for now) but can still be specified manually in the defaults.xml if the previous prefs had to be removed:

Extremely helpful? Yes!
Never condescending? Well… never say never :wink:

Hi, dlish

Thanks for the tip ! Confirmed here : it works. At least, one of the UI problems that I had until now is (more or less clumsily) solved : we shouldn’t have to do this kind of manipulation, as this setting was available and perfectly working in previous Cubase versions in the Preferences ‘Appearance/General’ page. Still wondering why it has been removed…

About other UI issues, there were things that have also been removed and were still present in the 7.0.1 Defaults.xml file, though not functional. See here for more details : https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=227438#p227438. These were available in the Preferences ‘Appearance/Work area’ page which vanished from C6.5 to C7.

Made threads, issue reports, feature requests (two of them were directly sent to the ‘Miscellaneous’ subforum…) about them and even a PM to one of the well known member of Steiny development crew : still waiting for an answer from him, as I sent it to him more than one month and a half ago…

Could you give us more details about the ‘German gang’ ? I’d like to know who is in it and also, more details about the ‘(For now)’ statement. Just to know if we can expect some positive evolutions about all this.

Hi cubic13,

Thanks a bunch for looking it over.

I’m working with a german music production team that deals directly with Steinberg germany. I don’t know who their contact at Steiny is but they seem to have an answer for almost everything.

Having been a beta tester for NI and VSL it is very frustrating the way ‘real’ bug reports are being treated. I usually confirming things with other local Mac users before I post anything.

I don’t know how many times Helge has moved my genuine bug reports to Miscellaneous. I don’t think we should have to file a feature request with something that has ben removed, for whatever reason. With the button brightness, they ran out of time putting that back in after the color implementation changes, so we should see that back in one of the next updates.

Dealing with the local tech support team has not been very fruitful. Like this one: http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=184&t=36441 which eventually got confirmed and reported, but it took quite some doing. (I prefer concentrating on work not beta testing their software)

I feel your pain on this mate: https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=227438#p227438

I’ll let you know if I hear anything else…

Thanks for your precisions, dlish

Indeed, we shouldn’t have to make feature requests concerning things that were existing and perfectly working before. The new color and Ui settings are a true PITA. So, let’s see what future will bring, but I’m still waiting for clear answers about all the UI regressions made for C7. Just hope that they will reconsider the whole thing.

All the best !

You said it!

Not fixed in 7.0.5!

Indeed… See here for Steiny latest answer about all the UI regressions made :


What more to say ? :confused: And 7.0.5 doen’t fix a single thing…