7.0.4 - Every other channel is red??

Just updated to 7.0.4 and now every other channel on the main mixer is red? How can I get rid of this?

Sorry for the bad quality of the picture, running two monitors and I didn’t take the time to crop the picture…

By the way it’s a Windows 8 (64bit) machine and I started out with Cubase 7.0.0, and have updated everytime a new update came out.

This has been reported before. I believe a re-install should fix the problem. Good luck!

Nevermind. I just re-installed Cubase 7.0.0 from the DVD (all my projects still work, all third party plugins show up, even the recently opened list is still up to date - wich is great). Right now I’m downloading the 7.0.4 updater again and hopefully I’ll be up and running with a better verison of Cubase in a short while.

I don’t recall I had problems like this when updating Cubase 5, 6, or 6.5…

Looks like we posted at the same time. I could’nt find any topics when searching for this bug, but maybe I just have to be better at searching the forums.

…and as I said above, re-install has been done now. :smiley:

…and everything works now. I even got the meters back in the project window. :wink:

Assuming that this is a bug,
I have the same bug with 7.0.4 just installed (64bit) on win7.

Re-installing is a big issue for me, so are you sure there is no way to remove this by BUI means ? Is there any chance this red color is supposed to mean somethin ?

Why is reinstalling a big issue? I had this problem…literally took 15 mins to uninstall, reinstall and works great now.

I think it has to do with the skin.srf file in the skins folder. As a test I copied the skin file from the 7.02 installer into the skin folder after installing 7.04 and the stripes immediately appeared. I backed the original skin.srf file from 7.04 up before I did the test and after placing it back all was normal.

It could be that during upgrade the installer leaves the skin file of the previous version, failing to copy the new skin.srf file.

Hope this helps!


I did’nt even uninstall 7.0.4. I just popped in the DVD and ran the installer. I don’t remember if I got the opportunity to choose “repair install” or what. Took me no more than 10 minutes to do so and all my problems where gone.