7.0.4 faster project load ??????

load and close seem exactly the same to me! disappointed! :cry:

Agreed. No change here either. Still rather slow.

Confirmed. And it’s even slower for loading an Emulator X3 samples bank, as an example…

so I am not alone… Hmmm, this is one ‘new’ improvement I was really looking forward to as I work with quite large projects with lots of audio files! I have to say, I have been with Steinberg for nearly 20 years but I am getting very disappointed with the way things are going with Cubase to the point I am starting to investigate other options now!

I was hoping to write something like " mine open perfectly here " BUT still exactly the same loading time ,absolutely no difference and the midi still hangs on starting Cubase 7 :unamused:

I think every daw has long loading times, but in different places :slight_smile: PT has a long application startup cycle compared to Cubase

I’d like to know how the use of ‘long’ is defined when launching a DAW!

The update doc says
“Projects using a large number of plug-ins are now loaded
significantly faster.”

I don’t use that many plugins, so dont’ see a difference. Are people using a large number of them seeing an improvement?

It didn’t noticeably improve it for me.

I have a project with an 8 minute load time. Plus or minus a few seconds, it was also eight minutes with 7.0.3.

Many, many plugins and over 200 buses/groups.

I recreated this project in Cubase from Studio One, in all its gory detail, because Studio One was not able to handle it – crashes at every twist and turn when instantiating plugins and freezing / unfreezing. However, Studio One loaded the project in under a minute.

But, I’ll take the slow-loading of Cubase for its rock-solid stability. Version 7.x has been super stable for me. Version 6.5 wasn’t, which is why I had switched to Studio One.

Studio One was very stable up to this arbitrary threshold, which I feel was memory handling related, and then it all fell apart.

I’m “back home” with Cubase and loving it.

That said, I’d love to see the load time cut in half, to 4 minutes (for this particular project template). I’d be interested to know what Cubase does during load time when it reconstructs all these signal paths and VST objects. If a Steinberg developer says it’s due to extra validation, checking, memory allocation, stability reasons etc. then I’m totally cool with it taking as long as it needs to, to create its stable environment. If so, there’s an opportunity here for Steinberg to turn a perceived negative into a marketing bullet point. If it’s just code that could use more optimization, I’m cool with that too, as long as they don’t **** anything up related to stability. For me, stability is the number one “feature.”

I’m not sure why I’m making this correlation between longer load times perhaps increasing stability – it’s just a hunch; like it’s taking its time to allocate the correct memory (stacks, heaps, theads, garbage-collection), etc. Or maybe it allows ill-behaving plugins a chance to catch up, avoiding race-conditions. Whatever it thinks so hard about, when loading, seems to work well in the end.

In contrast, Studio One loads quicker, but in addition to the instability, sometimes certain plugins show blank UIs when it’s done loading, requiring a close-down and restart. Again, like it’s not being greedy enough with memory allocation for the plugins. Cubase doesn’t seem to have these issues.

No difference. I have an SSD and perhaps that has something to do with it.

Also: most of the plugs I use are humongous sample libs… eg. EW Symphonic, VSL and I doubt Cubase can do much to physically load samples any faster.