7.0.6 Can't remember mixer settings ?

I’ve updated.

Previous mixer locations/setting were not remembered. I thought : OK, it’s because they’ve changed the mixer (or console or whatever they call it).

I re-organized my mixer layout (mixer 1/2/3). saved and exit. reloaded Cubase. hit key-commands to open mixer 1/2/3 - mixers are scattered across my two monitors. setting are not saved (one mixer layout is for inserts, one for send and one is general).

Do I have to delete the settings files AGAIN ? re-install Cubase 7 ? I’m getting exceedingly frustrated here… :frowning:

uumm ive just check as I opened a saved template and the mixer was on monitor 1 instead of monitor 3 and the control room was not active and the channels were wider than expected but once it was saved it has stayed the way ive saved it but this could be a right PITA if you have to do this with every project


Deleted the setting (again :slight_smile:), then resorted everything. I’ll see if everything is remains that way in order to mark this topic as “sorted”.

Thanks, G-s

I’ve had to do it on a per project basis, which blows monkey chow. And then you figure out that it will randomly decide to do the UI shuffle and lose the positions again … then you get to do it in every project again. This is a freakin joke.

Let me understand… and you load an old 7.0.5 project, windows position is shuffled. OK.

But, even if you re-position the mixer, save the project, save, exit, and re-load the project… it is still shuffled ? (haven’t tried that yet).

Yep this …

Plus, NEW projects created from scratch after 7.06 install. Same.

Sorry, can’t confirm ATM.

Created a project, edited for a few minutes… moved this, moved that…


Exited Cubase.

Loaded Cubase.

Loaded project.

Mixers at the same place…

Maybe its a graphic driver thingy. and another thing : have you optimized windows ? if so, to what extent ?

Did you set up workspaces? Do you have multiple monitors that are different resolutions? Did you move the mixers to specific locations on the 2nd monitor as part of a workspace?

No (default workspace)

#3 would be no, since you don’t use workspaces. By the way, even with the default workspace I eventually have the mixer lose its mind.

So now for my questions :

Have you done all sort (or some sort) of optimizations ?

Are your graphic drivers up to date ?

Have you thrashed the preferences ?

All works as expected here with my 3 monitors and with workspaces saved (after resaving the projects after the update )and switching the mixer and vsti to different monitors but for those who are having problems why the hell should this be the solution to every problem ,why would you have to “trash your preferences” every update ? …that is not right !

just curious, are your monitors all the same resolution G-String?

yes they are

interesting, mine are not. hmmmm

yes all 3 are the same monitors and all 3 are setup with eyefinity triangle formation at 1920 x 1080 and they work wonderfully .
I can confirm having to reset the mixer from M1 to M3 and reactive the control room on the mixer but once saved it has remained that way but ive also setup 2 workspaces 1 setting the vsti on M2 and the mixer on M3 and saved the project and repeated visa versa and both were remembered with no hassles :wink:

I have two 24" at 1920 x 1200, one on either side of a 30" at 2560 x 1600. I also have a 50" LCD as a quasi 4th monitor. Don’t use it often, but sometimes with video it is helpful.

Anyhow, I put VST/VSTi on left side 24", mixer full screen on right hand 24", editors and project window on center 30". So far no luck getting the workspaces to recall stuff on the 24s consistently.

the mixer will not recall if set in full screen mode you have to stretch it to the size you want and then it reopens without pressing f3 on startup , have you tried it stretched instead of full screen mode ?

yes, I have that other thread where I got the contorted version of the mixer on monitor 1 after having it stretched on monitor 2 (right hand 24").

Don’t know what to say , all I know is if it’s working here on this system then there must be a lot more happy campers out there that are not having this continue issue BUT applying these updates is becoming more and more risky , you are potentially going to loose ALL your settings and have to “trash your god damn preferences” which is completely wrong in my book .