7.0.6 ok with this or don't forget it!

Will this issue bug ok in 7.06?
best regards and thanks to improve this ( restore in fact)

Damn just dropped my (Crystal :mrgreen: ) Glass Boll before I got an answer :slight_smile:

You don’t need a crystal ball to look into the past! :laughing: This was fixed in 7.0.5, or at least it is on Mac 7.0.5 64bit.

Perhaps on mac it’s ok but On windows
7.05 32bit and 64 bit has this problem :
in the preference/Editing/Controls/Valurbox-Time control Mode:
the options 2 and 3 (Increment/Decrement on Left/Right-clik and Increment/Decrement on Left-Clik and Drag)
do the same things!!!
like on the video here:

annoying for me
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You’re referring me to a video I uploaded.

Also, the video doesn’t demonstrate the problem you are talking about here, it demonstrates the second issue in your other post, about the field remaining highlighted after dragging to change the value. This has not changed in 7.0.5, the field still remains highlighted.

I just checked it on a Windows install. As far as increment/decrement It works as advertised.

The video shows just exactly the problem:
the problem is that when you adjusts value with the mouse up or down to change the value: its ok but remains highlighted when you leave (in programing like “onmouseout”).
This is annoying because if you want to hear the result of the change and want to go to the left locator with the keypad shortcuts “1” and then play with “Enter” when you press the keypad “1” value changes 1 but don’t go to the left locator
Before in cubase 6, everything was ok: when doing the “onmouseout”, the value wasdeselect and by pressing the “1” of the keypad read head went on the left locator.

My english is not very good. if you still need an explanation, I can try again …or perhaps somebody can explain better than what is the problem
thank you

Ok same playershut again

By default in Cubase / key command “Num 1” is assigned to “go to left locator”

One example to try
1.Make a region left locator Measure 5 and right locator to measure 9" in the ruler
2.put the project cursor position for example near measure 6
2.Create a miditrack and double-click inside the portion to create a part
3.Open this part and draw a note with pencil
4.With mouse left click, change for eaxample the length of the notes by dragging down the values in the info line.

NOW is the difference issue bug between cubase 6 and 7:
7.press the numeric keypad “1”
In cubase 6 : effect was go to the left locator (see explication below)
In cubase 7 : it put the value to “1” of your last change (here the length of the note)

In cubase 6 we had the two above options (by changing in the preference/controls):
a)if “Increment/Decrement on Left/Right-Click” is choosed; the effect was : it put the value to “1” of you last change
b)if “Increment/Decrement on Left-Click and Drag” is choosed; the effect was : go to the left locator

Hope to be clear this time
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Yes, this has not been changed, and it’s not on the 7.0.6 list. I suggest you edit your original post in issues so only this single issue is in there. Having the two in same post led to the confusion. Mine, specifically. :confused: Then just use that thread to talk about it.