7.0.6 Quick controls and remote SL


can somebody help me with this? It doesnt seem to work anymore… :confused:

QC: assigned 1st control to cc#31 (remote sl user mode bottom left endless poti by default)

I turn the knob, midi gets sent but does nothing…

Also, in learn mode of QC, it is not learning

thx n regards to u all=)

Just me or down for all?

Winx64 btw…

Greets :slight_smile:

Remember that Cubase updates usually wipe out your preferences.
So maybe you’ll need to check out there.
I’m not at home yet but as soon as possible I’ll check my Remote SL and the QC and will let you know.


Oooh, good idea, im gonna test that asap:)

Thx constantine:)

Try this…I had the same kind of problems I think this will fix it! :wink:


hi guys=)

thx for all your tips=)

  • i trashed the QC prefs-- no go
  • i went to link consoles – no go -Remote SL not listed…

There definately is something going on with the automation…
Quick work around (for me) is to rightclick the big knobs in Halion5 and learn cc from there… however, in the left pane QC control menu, any changes in knobs values are not registered…

so, either the knobs are *synced to the QC menu, or the knobs are synced with my controller. All three together dont work…

could anybody confirm this? (before i contact SB)