7.0.6 Workspaces with Mix Console

I’m talking Rack Config, Track ‘TYPES’ displayed or not, Input/Output displayed or not. Those should all be global.

I understand the zones are project specific.

I can follow your way…I will get in contact with our developer guys when I have news about this and if this is or could be integrated.

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Perhaps the problem for me is projects started in 6.5. Applying Workspaces in C7 seems to be adding some corruption/unpredictability. Perhaps my only way around this is to start my templates from scratch in C7 - something I don’t relish!

Now that I’ve had a little epiphany I guess I’ll bite the bullet and trash my 6.5 templates and see what happens. I guess my expectations and stubbornness got in the way. Having to do so many project specific templates will not be fun. That takes us back to the days where you just end up making a huge project and duplicating it to begin a new project just to avoid all the setup. I still do this to some degree because of the number of multi-out VSTi I use.

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just try it with one new Cubase 7 template please.

If it works or not get back to me.

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OK, I have started with a clean C7 project. I set up a Workspace with 3 mixers, all with equal channel widths (Workspace 3). In a separate Workspace I create a full screen mixer on monitor 2 (Workspace 2). When I recall Workspace 3 its channels widths are screwed up. This is exactly the same behaviour I was getting on an imported 6.5 project. So, sorry to say, this is still very much broken from where I am sitting. Here’s a screen. Again, this is a clean C7.0.6 project with nothing more than a few instruments and effects.


I’ve wasted much of today messing around with this.

Oh, and once again this has just lead to a crash.

I believe there’s an issue that leads to instability when 1 Workspace has a Full Screen MC, and another uses a ‘floating’ MC. Everything was going OK until I created a new, Full Screen MC and tried to switch between the 2. Result: Random channel widths then BOOM!!! Crash. I’m done with this.

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Zoom state is not saved in Workspaces.

Is the Positioning saved and sticky Channels ??

Your crashes are not common and maybe we can arrange a Teamviewer Session next week?

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I seemed to have stumbled upon recalling at least my mixer zoom state properly on a locked workspace if the mixer is set to “stay on top”. Before (in 7.06) I was having the same issues with zoom state being out of wack upon recall of a workspace containing a mixer.

Don’t know if that factors into the issue being addressed.

Can I assume this has been added to the “please make this happen” list. Zoom and project sync are essential to making workspaces work.

I’m convinced the problem lies within the Full Screen mode, and switching between workspaces. This has just happen switching from my 3 mixer view to my Full Screen MC workspace:


I will start over without a Full Screen window and see where it leads. Otherwise I need to stay with 6.5 to get some work done!


Yes it is something for the FR section definitely.

I will create an FR in our database on Monday.
I am not in the office right now…weekend started already here in our time zone, sorry.

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Not a problem … beer:30 is within my sites as well. Enjoy your weekend!

To answer simply, yes.

To quote the manual:

Workspace presets save the position and size of the main windows only – project-specific windows are not included.