7.0.7 ok ?

Hi forum ,my first post please be gentle with me .

Just wondering about those of you that have installed the final update , is it any good , worth updating , any issues ?

kinda early to say since it was just released a few hours ago.

So far so good here. Really I was happy with 7.0.6, but had absolutely no problems 7.07 after working in there a couple hours today.

Aloha guys,
Just to chime in.

Downloaded and installed C7.07. (8 gigs whew!)
Ran 4 of my heaviest C7.06 projects.
No probs on playback.

In all fairness I did not do any additional recording
and I probably will not because C7.5 is now my recording environment.

Other than that, C7.07 seems fine here.

is there a full installer for 7.0.7 then Curteye ? i can’t seem to see one on the download page ?

Aloha S,

I did not realize it was a full install.
I just followed Helge’s link and clicked on download.

But now when I go back I cannot find the 8 gig download.
Must have been pilot error. Ma bad.


Guess I hit the wrong button but all seems to be working just fine.

thanks for the clarification :wink:

The update runs ok here for several hours, coming from 7.0.4 so I wasn’t fully updated - reading several negative comments earlier. Really needed some time to adjust to the new way of bypassing and selecting plugins, something you guys apparently begged for :wink:

Projects that I load from 7.0.4 are missing the EQ curve at the top, so you got to re-enable that in your mixconsole settings.

Volume fonts in mixerconsole look sharper, stereo icons are there and the double height track name might come in handy, something that I read about here. Is this configurable or fixed now?

Performancewise it seemed to max my i7 6 cores cpu a bit earlier than before, but not sure.

But check this:

When downloading the 7.5.10 update, the page
said it was just over 500 mb.

However when I went to install it,
the dialog box said: this installation will take up
8 gigs of hard drive space.

This makes me think that the installer uses compressed
files and then uncompresses them during

Perhaps this is also what happened to me with the 7.0.7 update.

Bottom line: all is well in both cases.