7.00 & 7.06 stop working immediately

With AI 7.06 64-bit (and I think also 7.00 64-bit) but not AI 6 32-bit, when I click on the AI7 shortcut, the grey screen is painted and I am asked to select USB or FW ASIO for my new UR28M (which is connected). The initial control panel opens. But when I press ‘cancel’ to close the control panel, and as the upper menu and lower controls appear, a windows dialog appears saying Cubase AI 7 has stopped working, reason unknown. This happens every single time. I’m in Win 8.1 64-bit. My CPU is Intel i5. No other programs are open. Summarizing:

  1. Connect UR28M to USB2 port and turn it on. (a chime sounds)
  2. Click Cubase AI7 shortcut icon
  3. Select ASIO
  4. Cancel out of the control panel thing
  5. Read the windows error message.
  6. Listen to bandmates saying I should have bought a Zoom or something.