7.02 Crashes, Freezes, and White Screens OSx

My Midi VST Instrument (Halion Orchestra Full) issues especially started when I went into my Halion options to change the Disk to RAM to the max setting for RAM allocation. It suddenly froze on and I had to do a cold restart. Now when I go into my Halion Orchestra Instrument options - it abruptly crashes but doesn’t happen all the time.

Had 2 in the insert slots on different channels but when I go to add a 3rd reverbence it crashes - everytime, no matter where I add it in the mixer slots.

Key Editor
White Screen in the Key Editor window when attempting to either: A. Draw a note or B. Edit/Move a note, but it doesn’t happen everytime (maybe the file became corrupted due to all the random crashes :imp: )

Importing Midi Files
Randomly crashes after doing so…not sure if its related or a coincidence.

Poor performance all around - with more crashes

Mac OSx 10.8.2
2 GHz Intel Quad Core i7 (8,2)
12 GB 1333 ddr3 memory
Focusrite Saffire 6 USB

As a comparison: Cubase 6.0 Elements - no crashes, good performance. That was why I purchased Cubase 7 in the first place and now I am seriously regretting not going with Pro Tools instead.

Has it occured to Steinberg that the Mac OSx plays a big role in the Audio/Video industry, right?