7.03 MixConsole - Faders Disappeared! [screenshots]

hi, now with 7.03 when i load a session i see…no faders in the Mix Console!!!

it is wierd that i still get the MixConsole bottom window slider, which looks about the right size. and i can slide it left and right…showing…well…nothing. see Capture jpg.

If i add tracks by selecting them in the “visibility” window, the horizontal MixConsole slider changes its size, as if it is jumping to action to accommodating new channels in the view…but there still is none showing!@

very wierd stuff going on. Major bugs in C7.03 MixConsole


just did some more testing and its not for new sessions, its for sessions that i load up that were saved in 7.02…this aint right

Yes, I can get the faders back by pulling open (when a pull apart arrows symbol shows up when hoovering over that zone), the mixer window then requires upward enlargement, but I cannot get rid of the empty area below the faders, what to do ?


There are graphic issues for sure in this version I have grid lines that come and go in the mixer!! Never had that in 7.03 and I still can not get my 6.5 projects to load in 7 correct still having major issues with my UAD1 plugins they will not work when moved from 6.5 to 7 but when I do a new project in 7 they all work. Makes no sense to me at all…