7.03 project plays, no meters, no audio

Just upgraded to C7. Am using 32bit with UAD Quad on a MAC bootcamped to Windows 7 64 bit. System has worked great with C6 for over 18 months now.

Went to work on a large session band track to get used to the mixer changes (which I generally like) but loaded the project the next day for work and there is no audio or no meters moving. I loaded this same project into C6 and it works. Because I have so many UAD plugins and other plugins in use I"d like to take the time to turn each one off to see if it makes the audio come back. However when I have the project in C7 and try to switch a plugin off it completely hangs the system so badly I need to restart.

A friend of mine has had the same trouble with C7 on OSX. I"m wondering how many of you are experiencing unstable behaviour like this? Wasted 3 hours on me yesterday restarting the system - luckily the band werent sitting behind me or it would have been very embarrassing!!



I have the problem that audio out goes silent sometimes. I have tracked it down to certain plugins that cause this, but the behaviour is still somewhat erratic. The meters show levels, but my Fast Track Ultra wont make a bleep. Closing and reopening the project helps.

I have the same problem.

Check and make sure that your pref file for 6.5 is not still sat in appdata folder if it is then 7 is loading your old pref file this is causing loads of issue with running 6.5 projects in 7
Had this happen to me as I was still running 6.5 for my older projects. I was getting crashes freezing and missing inserts etc etc. I am now running all 6.5 projects in 7 without any issues at all and the performance is way better than 6.5 I am loving 7

How would you tell if C7 is using C6 app data folder?

If you have C6 on your system I can totally say IT WILL as it happened to me. Just go into your appdata folder move C6 pref file to the desktop then delete C7 pref folder restart C7 and it will find all your plugins from scratch and this should fix your issue. As far as I am aware you can then put the C6 pref file back and C7 will only pick up it’s own pref file not C6s
Hope this helps

Yeah, funny enough, I saved my C7 App data to desktop (specifically, my templates). It started, and pulled up an ancient prefs folder from C6. Stuff in my recent projects from over a year ago. I deleted them both and…

Now, I can change my buffer size of my interface, without Cubase crash (a thread I started need to be updated now). My CPU usage is about half what it was, and Cubase closes in like 3 seconds. Opens quicker as well.

I think this is really something that should be shared with others ASAP.

I did just that.

Thanks man! Total game changer for me now!

Sounds interesting, but I’m having a problem deciphering the shorthand.

Where does a novice such as myself find the legendary App data in either version? Would love to give this a try . . .