7.04 Mix Console channel width still resizing

I’m still finding that channels in the mix console are resizing themselves. While I can live with this, it is quite annoying. Has anybody else noticed the same thing, or is it somehow system specific?

It happens to me too. Very annoying.
I was hoping it would be corrected in 7.0.4. and it seems to be better now, but I only tried a little so far.

confirmed! here too.

Same here. What a shame

Maybe I’m lucky (or doing something right/wrong…!?!) but, it all seems to be holding well here - I noticed the probs with 7.0.3; not anymore in 7.0.4…

Am opening and closing MC via F3 key; deliberately re-sizing stuff inbetween and seeing what occurs. All ok, fingers crossed… Have tried only existing C7 projects mind - not loaded any older ones to test; may get around to that later.

Yes, it seems to be working correct now with mixer window.
No strange big windows or mixer resize it self.

I still have the same bug that everytime I close and reopen the mixer on my second screen, the insert rack is disabled, and I have to select it again in the racks menu. Same thing every time I open a new project. Never was too much annoyed by the resizing channel problem, happened to me 2 or 3 times in 6 month…

OK, I’ve had time to dig a little deeper into this now. I use a single 27 inch monitor and have a number of workspaces set up to suit the way that I work. The ones I use most are: arrange widow and mix console - half screen each; arrange window across the whole screen; mix console across the whole screen.

If I use the first of these worspaces (arrange window and mix console) and use F3 to toggle the mix console on and off, the channels remain the same width in the mix console. If I switch from the first workspace to the third (mix console only), sometimes change width. If I switch to the third workspace from the second (arrange window only), the channels become wider (and usually increase further in width if I switch again) every time. If I use the third workspace (mix console only), set the channels to the width I want and then use F3 to toggle the mix console on and off, the channels stay at the correct width.

This suggests to me that the issue may be something to do with workspaces. Off to do further digging around.

Further tweaking of my workspaces has considerably improved the situation and I am now experiencing far fewer random changes of channel width, although they do seem to occur occasionally. Generally, though, I’m much happier.

I’ve found the way Mix Console behaves with Workspaces is very inconsistent. Some work to be done here. I’m changing the way I work to avoid using Workspaces, but at least I’m able to use C7. Finally.

The problems seem to be

  1. Resizing the mixer as a whole also changes the zoom within the mixer, and
  2. Working spaces do not store the zoom factor within the mixer.

Switching from a working space having a full screen mixer to a working space having a half screen mixer will change the zoom factor because of 1. and this can not be avoided by having the desired zoom factor stored with each working space because of 2.

That seems to sum it up!