7.05 FONT is it a value in one of the XML files?

Anyone notice whether the mixer and insert font size can be altered via a settings file or one of the .XML files? Had a look through Defaults.xml I see some references to the chord track fonts but thats about it

Checked myself, don’t think so, hard to find if it’s there. Glad to see others exploring


Keep looking guys…id love to be able to change that huge font.

UI Fonts are not in the xml settings files. The only font settings in there are for the Score Editor, and those aere configurable in Cubase itself.

Also, the huge track names has been confirmed as being a bug by Helge also, so it will get certainly get fixed.

(btw, It’s not hard to search the xml files yourself, just open one in a text editor and search for. It’s mostly in plain english)

Steinberg, bring back fonts from 7.0.4!!! Or make this as an option, so every user could set their own font size for UI elements.

UI fonts are located in the .exe

this large font on track names in the mixer is driving me mental its taking me like 10mins each time i want to just check a fader in a large mix cause i cant read each faders name, i don’t like working with search as that takes almost as long … come on programmers cant we just have a font size option in prefs for the mixer so we can have some tiny fonts… I’m really am starting to not like this part of c7 as my mixes are costing my clients while i struggle trying to find each fader … thats a workflow NONO … i don’t understand the comments that some like the large font like what are there tracks called … i know … “12…ng” “2n…al” and “Ki…ck” so how can that be easy to understand when the track names are 12 monks chanting, 2nd vocal and kill this track … to me its another language and a guessing game all day long this issue just sux steinberg it just sux

You’ve got a lot of nerve charging clients for your trial testing and learning curve. That’s a real nono!


dont be an idiot by saying such a stupid response… this is not “TRIAL TESTING” or a “Learning Curve” im a professional in a professional environment and have been with steinberg since the start…

  1. I agree with you!
  2. You can use icons to ease identification of each track.

Then you should know better! :unamused:
A “professional would not replace a working program with a newer version without testing it first, especially when that newer version is a major redesign of the GUI.” A Professional would keep his bread and butter work and projects in the old trusted familiar environment, using only copies, on his own time, to test the new version. To open and productively work on a clients project in a new untried DAW while you try and come to grips with new features and workflow changes, and then charge your clients for it is very “unprofessional”!

It is Trial Testing, and there is a learning curve, and any true professional will recognize and accept this.

A nice measured response. Oh, and it’s “you’re an idiot”.


Wrong, wrong and wrong.
It’s futile arguing this any further.
I guess it comes down to ethics - some people don’t have any.