7.06 Finally I can use Cubase 7!!!

I’ve been trying to use Cubase 7 for almost a year now and, finally, with the release of 7.06, I’m using it full time (and loving it) instead of 6.55. Thank you Steinberg, it took almost a year and I felt a beta tester most of the time, but it’s very useable now.

I’m running 6.5.5 on an old XP box and while it’s stable, there is an issue with projects needing to be opened via the menu, i.e. they do not open via a project file.

I tried re-installing from scratch but maybe it is the OS that’s the issue and quite honestly I cannot be bothered any more with it, as my new box is streets ahead in terms of stability and performance (Windows 7 x64).

C7 does require more resources that is true but for the increase in stability, it is more than worth the expense if it means having to purchase new hardware.

I’m glad I made the change!

DITTO !!! I can finally relax and WORK !! thank you, Steinberg :stuck_out_tongue:

First, I would like to say thanks as well.

But maybe, just maybe they should thank us right back.
For all the beta testing, issue reporting and
ultimately not going over to the competitors.

How about it Steinberg? Do you appreciate us or not?
No one would mind if you actually did thank your user base.
How about a deep discount on one of your products that we don’t own yet?

Customer loyalty is not something to take for granted ever, especially these days.

The flip-side of this is, you don’t get anywhere near the features or productivity from any of the competitors, period.

The reason for this is simple:

Steinberg create the standards as one arm, the second being the applications (cubendo) that implement those glorious and infinitely workable standards, third, product development continues in other realms such as plugins and software that again implement the standards Steinberg create.

SB thanking me?

For what…

making the product I buy better in the long run because I chose to be a part of a great endeavour?

I am also moved to 7.06, I waited almost a year before deciding …
I recently also cmc six and I am really happy …
just no problem with macbook pro …
I must say that compared to the mixer 6.5.5 is great …
I know of no pc and win, but you can safely pass on mac osx … at 7:06
I’m not finding any problem and I’m going through all my old projects and will get better with a mixer so … ciaoooooo

Nice to read.

and in a parallel universe i have been using C7 since it came out no problems, mixer fonts always been OK etc. downloaded 7.0.6 and bingo i can’t read the track names in MC as they have slipped below the window. it’s a small problem but has brought my workflow to a grinding halt. tried resetting the mixer window as suggested in previous thread but no change

Have you tried deleting you preferences?

thanks no i haven’t are there unwanted consequences doing that

OK looked up deleting preferences in the knowledge base and opened in safe mode, disabled preferences but the problem is still there so i presume it has nothing to do with preferences

Found a whole lot of other strange stuff going on since 7.0.6 like no insert or send slots, no EQ panel so i think i must have a corrupt download. Tried downloading again and re-installing but instalation process says already installed no change. what can i do any help appreciated

In that case, you may well need to uninstall and re-install the application.

Thanks Artguy i presume by doing that i will loose all presets, key shortcuts etc. Jeeze I’m gonna have to sleep on it first but looks like i have no choice. Is there a way to just roll back to the last update which i was quite happy with and then wait for the next one

Unfortunately not.

According to the version history, there is much to be gained from running 7.0.6.

Thanks for your help artguy. I will sleep on it, bed time in NZ anyway and will re-instal tomorrow and let you know how i get on. i agree the version notes looked promising and feedback has been positive. i was particularly looking forward to workspaces functioning better, they’ve never worked for me. But this update has turned into a nightmare for me and i’ve managed to corrupt this positive thread to “finally i can’t use Cubase”

Mixing projects all weekend with no problems. It’s the best:D

7.06 Finally I can use Cubase 7!!!

Not here.

6.5.5 is the way to go.
Faster and easier in so many ways !!
Mixer shows all important information at a glance !
Less clicking !
Faster opening and closing of plugin GUIs !
Mixer needs a lot less space for the same information !
All numbers are readable !
Better, less toyish, more ergonomic mixer design
( buttons with different shapes, better channel separation, less wasted space … and more )

especially newcomers should try 6.5.5. … the best Cubase … so far !!
( it’s included in every C7 license )


Not for me…! I’ve happily moved over to 7.0.6 now

Whatever you’re used to… :wink:

Except it doesn’t show all the inserts/sends and stuff in one go, like EVERYONE wanted it to (as was a major complaint in those big long whinging, complaining threads to Steinberg to change the frikkin mixer in C6.x.x PLEASE…!! Its so old and tired looking, etc, etc - go look at Logic, see, they can do it - oh, now - look at Studio One, see steinberg, it is so much better… PLEASE, when are you going to change it…?; if you don’t change it I’m going to go with Studio One, etc, etc…)

Marginal, but agreed it does add up…

Yes, agreed; I have noticed this

Well, guess what…? Those newcomers/youngsters are in fact all absolutely LOVING the new C7 I’m afraid; every bit of it, flocking to it - go read a few posts on the SB Facebook page for evidence. A few whingers, but mostly, LOVING it…! They’ve no notion or desire whatsoever to go and seek out and install an ‘earlier’ release…

Be happy and make great music Jan with your 6.5.5 !! Good luck…!

Cubase 6 was built for Windows Vista/7 and does not include the enhanced audio engine of Cubase 7, nor the audio improvements let alone such features as MIDI chord recognition, safe mode and a driver chooser on start up.