7.1.1 - crashing with C++ Runtime Errors

Just tried to batch convert a set of m4a files (24/96 resolution) back to PCM, and as soon as the batch started I get a huge red warning saying:

Runtime Error!!
Program C:\Program Files\Steinberg\WaveLab 7\Wavelab 7.exe
abnormal program termination

What did I do wrong?

‘m4a’ files are converted via the Quicktime module installed on your computer, if any.
First think I would try, would be to update to the latest Quicktime version for Windows.

It already is.
That too kept crashing out as well, as I tried QT Pro first.
It’s totally up to date.

What else can I try?
Just used AVS4U Audio Converter and that did the job.

If you convert the files one by one (drop one onto WaveLab), do you get the problem?
Also, did you try with the batch processor, or batch file convertor?

(with aplogies forthe slow response)
1 - Yes.
2 - Yes.
3 - Not yet - will try this later.
FWIW, the same files convert properly & painlessly in a $50 suite called “AVS4U” but as soon as I try in WL, I get the C++ wavelab.exe crash

If you have a sample file I can try, please pass it to me.