7.1.1 IS OUT!

Thank you!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Does this also concern WL Elements 7 and WL Light Edition 7 ?



WL 7 Elements: yes
WL LE: no update yet

Careful out there… did you see the ‘announcement’ on the website front page…? This 7.1.1 update is NOT supported by SB - as of posting, it has not gone through the full legacy Quality/Testing program.

So, this is an ‘Install-at-your-own-risk’ update, until you read otherwise… (I guess its easy enough to back out if you need to…?).

Good luck…!


WL 7 Elements: yes

Are you sure?

I have a parallel installation of
Wavelab 7 and
Wavelab Elements 7

After having applied the 7.1.1 patch,

WL7 shows 7.11 (build 550) and
WL7 Elements shows 7.01 (build 506) !!!


Jean, there must be something wrong on your installation. The update both concerns WaveLab and WaveLab Elements. If you have both WaveLab versions installed on your computer, you must install both updates.

Can I ask what exactly the point is to releasing an update that has not been fully tested? Are the testers tired? Are they moving on to something else and declaring this “good enough”?

Some of us are actually using this for professional delivery and I am not so sure I am comfortable with a half baked patch making it’s way to production.

I would expect an update for a app that costs $600 plus dollars to get the FULL attention of the testers. Or am I expecting too much here?


This announcement simply means 7.1.1 has not been tested by Steinberg as long as a version 7.0 has been tested. Not as many hours have been spent. This being said, this version is in the hands of testers outside Steinberg, for several weeks, and using it sometimes all day long.
If you are fine with 7.1, don’t change. But personally I trust more 7.1.1 than 7.1.0.


Thank you Philippe

If you have both WaveLab versions installed on your computer, you must install both updates.

I had overlooked that there are two different updates :blush:


second (and smaller) monitor display problem solved so far.
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

thanks a lot PG