7.1: display problem on second monitor still there

the incomplete display of menu-items on second (left, smaller monitor) still existent.
left monitor= 1024x768
right monitor= 1028x1024
in case of eq1 i still have to drag the effect firstly on the right monitor to see all available items.

although haven’t checked yet all new things in wl7.1, many thanks PG

This problem has been solved for the plugin menus (right?), but I did not expect to see so large preset menus…

…hm, i first have to be able to load plugins.
trying to load waves plugins a second time (and then every further time on) it looks as it has to be

Hi PG,

No, I’m afraid it hasn’t been fixed for plugin menus or Master Section presets. When my Master section is on my second, lower-resolution monitor, it leaves large blanks at the bottom of the menus and pushes the list text off the top of the menus so that it is off the screen. This includes the vital Saves, Saves As, Explore Presets, … down to ‘Presets are relative to Master Project’, which is the first visible item.

This is a really quite frustrating bug, as I really like to work with my Master section on my second monitor and this makes it unuseable, without dragging it onto my main monitor to open / save presets and some plugins.

come on, PG, please make the plugins appear in the correct manner. even if they are displayed on the 2nd, with lesser resolution, monitor.
one can deal with it (dragging the mastersection onto the main-, 1st-, monitor), but it’s uncomfortable, to say the least.

The menu problem is fixed in next version.

The menu problem is fixed in next version.

That’s great, thanks PG! :slight_smile: