7.1 installation problem - Surroundpanner not loading correc

I installed 7.1 on 2 of my workstations – the new surroundpanner shows up in one of them fine – But the other workstation - the panner shows up as white block – no control – this is the same when I loaded up a fresh 5.1 template or starting from an empty project – I can load the surroundpanner.vst3 as an insert, but it does not load up in the normal channel strip where it belongs – I did rebuild the VST database and also removed and replace the “surroundpanner.vst3” from the working machine to the non working machine - with no change. When I have a moment I’ll try uninstalling and re-installing N7 from the ground up – but maybe somebody knows a fix before I get to that – I vauguely recall having a similar problem years ago when pre 7.1 panner was introduced – I don’t recall what I had to do to fix – let me know if anybody has had to address this – thank you

Might this have something to do with the graphics card driver? Sounds to me like the user interface wants to call some display functions and fails. Maybe try updating those? This is the only thing that quickly comes to mind. Otherwise I’d have no idea.

Checked display drivers and they are up to date

I loaded 7.1 on my other 2 machines and it seems fine – so 3 out of 4 seem fine ---- BTW the hdwr configs are the same on all workstations with the exception of one of the machines using a slighter lower speed i7 - the machine in question - not it –

if anybody else thinks of something to try let me know –

on another note -
I’m digging in this weekend - the goal to get a good solid win 10 install on one of my machines that I can copy to my other 3 -
I’ll search the forums - but let me know if there’s anything specific I need to know - thx