7.1: plugin gui problem

Hi, first of all thank you for the new update. I’m experiencing again the old problem of plugins’ gui “falling down” with the new version. The workaround of dragging the menu bar at the bottom of the plugin doesn’t work anymore. I found out the problem is related to the new “display enhanced title bar” which is active by default: disabling the option the plugins gui problem disappears and they work as the used to do with 7.01 release.
Examples of affected plugins are Nebula, Camelcrusher, TAL Franger and Phaser (by the way Tal Reverb 3 works fine).

Is someone experiencing the same issue?
I’m using mac os x 10.6.7 and WaveLab Elements 7.1.

The workaround you speak about, is a workaround a plugin bug. You should first ask your plugin supplier for an updated version. Today, most plugin manufacturers have solved this issue.
If you want an immediate way to use the old workaround, uncheck the option “Display enhanced title bar” in the Main Preferences, Display tab. But you lost a nice WaveLab feature in the same time…

Thank you for your answer; so I’ll ask for updated versions of those plugins which behave wrong as the new enhanced title bar is definitely useful from an ergonomic point of view… I just wanted to be sure it wasn’t something new on WaveLab side; if it’s the same old plugin bug I’ll definitely spend some time filling bug reports to the various manufacturers (at least those I need most in WaveLab), I didn’t care much about this issue in the past thanks to the workaround, but now it matters…

Thank you for your support, PG!