7.2.1 x64 - render bug on CD

This one is probably already known, but here goes.
Imported a 16/44.1 CD Master Wave file, ready to make the DDPi for replication as well as a WAV/CUE to upload to the client for approval. I used the render dialogue, and it came out as double the size it should be.
Render settings were set to match input stream, so as it is already a 16/44.1 I thought I needed to leave that alone.
Turns out it does this to 32-bit float - even when the render dialogue says CD Wave/Cue.

Okay the file will have been turned to 32fp in import, but I have carried out no processing - and a 16-bit source should really output as 16-bits.

Nasty one for the unwary

Imported a 16/44.1 CD Master Wave file

How did you do that?