7.2, To upgrade or not to upgrade

I am currently on 7.1 Mac, Lion. I use iZotope RX2 and Alloy as well as a large number of Waves plugins. I mostly work with montages.

Do I upgrade to 7.2 or do I wait?

Wait for new 7.2.1.(Hopefully soon) That first 7.2 release had a bunch of problems that you don’t need to add to your workflow :slight_smile:


I’m not one that usually fears upgrades or has a negative attitude about them. I like to stay current, and 7.2 offered some pretty great new features.

However, upgrading to WL 7.2 induced some pretty annoying bugs on my Mac Pro running 10.7.2 Lion. It seems that it may not be happening to everybody, but for me and some others, this upgrade has caused many 3rd party plugins to have major display issues on Mac. Waves and UAD often go white and you have to hide and then reopen their windows each time to be able to adjust any parameters. This issue is magnified by the fact that anytime to switch to the edit view or another program, all the plugins in your master section show up again you have to play with them to move them or hide them. Izotope Ozone has an issue that caused the VST-3 version to be completely transparent, but the VST-2 version is ok, kind of a big problem if you have it dialed in on a session but want to make a small adjustment. Izotope had offered a beta version that fixes this problem, they were kind enough to give me a link for it by e-mailing them. Sound Toys also seems to be unusable but I honestly haven’t had time to try everything.

I think other people have had issues with authorizing plugins after updating to 7.2 but i have been lucky to avoid that.

If I were you, I would wait for 7.2.1 which I would hope could be released any day now. It sounds like 7.2.1 will fix a lot of these plugin bugs. Whether it was Wavelab’s fault or not, all was good with plugins in 7.1, and 7.2 definitely changed that on Mac for 3rd party plugs.

same here
7.2 messes up the plugin windows
so curious why they always add bugs to every updates instead of reducing them

Thanks to all for your responses. I guess I’ll wait. :cry:

I had a lot of problems with the update but it is working OK now thanks to some good advice and help from PG on this forum. I hope the 7.2.1 update does not have additional “bugs”. One thing I learned the hard way is to check for the latest driver for the dongle BEFORE you do the update.

You would think the update package would do that for you. I never understood how Steineberg can force key usage and ownership - and yet make me have to stumble around and manually worry whether or not I have the latest dongle drivers.

That should be the very first thing that runs prior to ANY new files being copied. It should also be smart enough to know when one does have the latest driver installed and it should not attempt to over-write.