7.5.1 Voxengo Curve EQ no longer works?

I’m pressing the Static & Match button and nothing comes up. Last I used this plugin, that’s the button that was used for EQ matching. Anyone else able to get that button to do anything?

Will anyone on 7.5.1 please report if they’re having the same experience?

Working fine here (Win 7).

Maybe it’s an OSX thing? Will any OSX 10.9.1/7.5.1 users check to see if it’s working - specifically, the “Static & Match” capability? Thanks!

Help, anyone on OSX 10.9.1/7.5.1…

If you don’t know how to use Voxengo CurveEQ, there’s a tut here: New Matching Features in the Curve EQ, New Spectrum Analyzer | New Features in Cubase 7 - YouTube


I’m working on a Mac Pro with OSX 10.9.1/7.5.10
Have no Problem


Thank you for replying. Just to be clear, when you click on the Static & Match button, a window comes up? (Check out the video in the top post.)

Hi Brock,

I just tested it on 10.9.1 and it works. Have you tried “Safe start”?


I appreciate your response. I tried what you suggested, disabling the preferences, and I still got the same result.
I also redownloaded/installed the 7.5.1 update. Same result. :confused:

Any other suggestions?

I have no such problem.
I am on Cubase 7.5.1, OsX 10.9.1, latest version of CurveEQ.

Try trashing prefs of Cubase and Curve Eq.
Try deleting and re-installing CurveEQ.

@brock. Try creating a new user account and see if it’s related to your overall user account. Another thing you could try is by going under your user library/ preferences and remove or rename the folder “Cubase 7.5” and restart cubase. It will create a new cubase settings folder.

I downloaded CurveEQ from Voxengo’s website and installed it. Still, same result!

Regarding trashing my prefs, I, as Luis Dongo advised, started Cubase in safe mode, which bypasses my prefs, and I go the same result.

This is frustrating. :confused:

Thank you for the help!

I created another user account and it worked! And now when I go back to my original account and it worked. Weird!

I really appreciate you guys taking time out to help!