7.5.10 discussion and questions

Wow, I can’t wait to have more details on the fixes and improvement!
Will you be releasing any list of bug fixes like you used to do? If yes, when do you think it will be released?

@Helge It would be really nice to have an answer :slight_smile:

Be satisfied that you had a list of proposed fixes in 7.5, the 7.0.6 people got next to nothing.

I know but we’ve got used to a full list on every updates :slight_smile:

I’m getting crackling and stuttering when ever I select (with selection box) any ammount of events or parts (with & without ASIO-guard) which just never happens in 6.5.

Is this getting fixed?

Compared to the trainwreck that was Cubase 7, I guess 7.5 is better but it is still far from useable in any proffesional context. I still a lot of random crashes and much higher cpu hit than 6.5. It’s just not dependable.

That’s a thing of the past.

The future now seems one where you pay and get support up to a point and pay again (albeit a small fee) to obtain more.

Sorry it doesn’t work well for you. My experience is the opposite- Both 7.06 and 7.5 run much smoother than 6 +6.5. In fact, no running problems at all.

Unless I’m reading it wrong, the link at the top of this page to the W8.1 compatibility knowledge base article says 7.06 is W8.1 compatible, but doesn’t mention C7.5 .

I wonder if the new C7.5.1 will be W8.1 compatible?

I would imagine that the same issues are dealt with (apart from any issues already addressed in the initial release of 7.5) as the basis is the same (7.0x). 7.5.10 should however have a few additional fixes for features not present in 7.0x - e.g. the new project window enhancements, as well as (hopefully) fixes for any new bugs introduced with the 7.5 release.

Has Steinberg fixed that new tracks are displayed in existing visibility configurations?
That’s very annoying and it takes much time to update every configuration manually.

I also hope that the grid is visible again, when working with audio-warp.

I’m looking forward to 7.5.10. But I wonder why it is called 7.5.10?!

Just a guess, but if it was called 7.5.1 some users would get confused with this.



The Version History document will be released together with the maintenance update.
Like any other maintenance update it will include the list of improvements and issues fixed.

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Yes. Actually we changed to a .10 / .20 naming scheme for usual planned (and fully supported) releases. In case we have to do a hotfix it fits in between (.1 / .2 / etc.).



Is the grid back when i free warp in 7.5.10?

Got some quotes handy?

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

Aloha H,

You guys are ‘on the case’!

Go Steiny!

There is life in this one, a pulse not faint but conscious and aware.

That’s kind of always been the way of software, though.
It’s a subscription model. Some companies just try to disguise it as an update / expansion pack dealie, but it’s the same thing.

I’ve got no problem with it personally, but I do have a problem with half-baked barely-beta software being sold as a full release, such as the case with 7.0.0. C7.5 so far has been a minefield, but at least most of the things I can fix myself. C7, on the other hand, was flat out useless until 7.0.6.