7.5.10 discussion and questions

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lol… thx for keeping things light…

This thread could have easily gone Sowf… :wink:

That said, I am really looking forward to this update because they are close to having something rock solid.
I just wish there were less clicks to get to where we need to be…
Feels like xmas eve! :nerd:


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For those of you with 12" thick skulls…this is called sarcasm. Look it up…

How can anyone claim Cubase is ROCK SOLID. Just read the “improvements” in the “free” Cubase 7.5.10 update. If your Cubase is solid, your probably not using it to its full potential.

Most of these “improvements” (and many more not even done yet) should have been done last year with the initial release of 7.

PS @ SB: Improving implies that you make it better as was advertised, actually you are only “fixing” your bad release.

7.07 did not give me what I want (Edit active part without needing to mute drum mapped tracks in the project page) but I guess I would pay for a more elaborate muting mechianism from inside the Key Editor.

I am happy for the MixConsole fixes though.

Cubase 7 was always worth paying for in my view due to the chord recognition aspect so I’m not concerned and will happy become a fan boy.

You do it like this:

Thread funny .
People too serious .
CUBUGS 7.5.10beta



Ive never and will never get why Cubase users buy a product and then bitch about it so much. no DAW is flawless, not even Logic and thats a proprietary software for a proprietary system and I’ve crashed it. All DAW have forums . people mostly only visit forums when they have a problem. The sours of those problems have the ability to start from the power supply of your comp all the way to the speakers in the middle of this are A LOT of things that can cause trouble. Last song i had 50 tracks. thats a lot for me and 7.5 cruised along with no problems what so ever. tis why i use it cause it is stable. stable to me does allow for a crash . but that is normally windows acting up not cubase. and given the multitude of hardware combinations you can throw at windows id say thats pretty good. no use arguing about it. if you don’t like the product, sell it and go buy something you do like. Im looking forward to the update personally as i think all software can be better.

Where is 7.5.1???

I need this update bad… 7.5 is crashing like a mofo.

It really is that Steinberg have a truly horrible track-record when it comes to bugs and especially the pure “head in the sand” denial of any issues and then going out of their way to ignore their customers. I’ve used cubase since the early 90’s so I’m used to it! :slight_smile:

I still like a lot of their ideas though.

The reason why I complain, is because I made a decision to only use legal software. I’ve spent thousands on buying plugins and software so that I can do my work. I buy software based on promises by suppliers for features, stability and support. I did not pay Steinberg half the money for half the program. The have my full payment - it is in their bank account, but I still have a program that is not up to standard. It is a tool to work with. My next step would be to make a choice if Steinberg will ever see my money again. That is also my right. But since I paid for 7.5, I expect them to deliver on my investment. Easy as that.

Me too.

It staggers me when people give it the “don’t complain” routine, either in the “don’t complain, they’ll take away our toys”, or “go get something you do like”. neither of which are logically valid.

As above, I’ve paid a considerable amount of money for software, and if it doesn’t hold up, I will complain about it. I complained a LOT about the Houston back in the day, and eventually got my money back because it was total junk. I love Cubase, but Steinberg’s head in the sand attitude and holier-than-thou attitude (epitomised best for me with the Your Software? Your LICENCE! routine) isn’t good enough. If they had a more open structure, they would serve their customers (who pay their wages) better, and do better overall as a result. Most people don’t want a million bells and whistles, they want the features that should be there to work, and their reasonable suggestions to be taken seriously. Look at the amount of time the right-click quick menu took to re-appear, and also the hideous mess that still is the right-click menu, a decent solution for which was proposed nearly 10 years ago (and would have taken minutes to code) and still isn’t in.

If bitwig turns out to be as good as it looks, then I’ll buy it in a flash. I detest Logic, and I don’t find Ableton gives the power I need for many of the tasks I do, plus also I’m entrenched in a sense as I teach Music Tech and all the schools I work at use Cubase; there’s no way out of that, practically, so I’d rather Cubase was better. You don’t divorce someone because of an issue, you work on it together and live better together as a result.

As for 7.5.1, wasn’t it due today? Or are they going to use the “as long as it’s by 11:59pm then it’s OK” routine?

It was normal for many XP users.

Since Windows 7 and windows 8, I have never ever had a crash except with Cubase. All my friends whether gamers, into photography or whatever also say that since windows 7, the days of windows playing up are over.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Irony is what get’s us through life. Who needs C7.5.10, when 7.5.11 is around the corner :mrgreen:

No wonder SB is losing ground to Logic, Ableton and others. It’s well deserved in fact, and I hope it teaches them something. We are paying for the most expensive DAW out there (besides PT) and we get treated like this. Shame.

I don’t know if it matters but my audio computer all it runs is Cubase… standard Win 7 ultimate 64bit install tweaked as suggested. and my hardware is from 2009. and Cubase has done the job for me with out fail. I don’t begrudge people to complain, thats why most people come to forums in the first place. and im not saying Cubase is perfect. all im saying is it works for me. there are 10 ways to do everything in it and i like it cause i can taylor it to the way i work. but that being said i tested it for a long time before i bought it. I’ve tried them all and most have too many bells and whistles for my taste. Logic to me isn’t logical Protools while great is well out of my price range to have a proper system.

Im sorry people have issues, it always amazed me how lacking customer Service is at Steinberg. but i ow now after13 years living in Germany. most Germany companies have no clue what good customer service is. coming from the land of customer service to here took some getting use to and it has gotten better with some companies guess it just takes time.

Erm where is 7.5.10? I thought it was going to appear today? :smiley: