7.5.10 & Halion Sonic 2 instruments missing

Hello everyone,

As my sig says, I am running 7.5.10 and I am very happy with the programme and all the new features. However I noticed tonight that when I run an instance of Halion Sonic 2 I wasn’t getting all the instruments that I used to get. If I can explain, I normally use orchestral instruments (piano, strings, woodwinds etc) and tonight when I try to load a piano I only have a choice of 5 versions instead of the long list I used to have!

I played around with it for a while, getting nowhere, so I un-installed, downloaded and re-installed Halion Sonic 2 but now I don’t get all the extra VST’s that come with the Cubase 7.5.10 upgrade! The only synth I get when I open HS 2 is TRIP!

I have rescaned media bay, made sure Cubase is run as administrator, ditto with Halion Sonic. When I re-installed HS 2 I checked the box for all users, was that correct?

I’m pretty sure I need to uninstall and reinstall something but I don’t know what so can anyone out there offer me some guidance please 'cos I am out of ideas!!

Thanks in advance,

Jim B

It may pay to install Halion Sonic then install Halion Sonic 2.
I think if you just install Halion Sonic 2 you may not have all the content.
I’m not certain of this, but could be worth a try.

Thanks for the suggestion Armadillosound I’ll try that tomorrow and let you know what happens.

Jim B

Check my reply in the other thread. There is a more detailed explanation there that someone else suggested that worked for me when I had missing content. Good luck, hope you get it sorted out ok. :smiley: