7.5.20 and MIXER Configurations

I hope they have improved the configurations in the mixer with version 7.5.20 to take ZOOM into account cause as it is configurations is not really usable for me and I’m resorting to using 3 mixers instead

id like to use configurations so i can view my 12 Group channels or buss channels if you prefer preset configuration and set it so each channel is nice and wide to see all the indicators and then with another configuration have All the 40 + audio or instrument channels nice and narrow so they all fit on one screen

at the moment when you swap from my buss configuration preset to my 40+ audio channels preset i end up with every channel so stretched it takes like 6 minutes to find the channel I’m looking for and again I’m reaching for the zoom or swapping the other way around my busses end up squashed in the corner of my screen and again I’m slowed down reaching for the zoom

    • configuration really need to remember the ZOOM :exclamation:
  • would be nice if Track Presets Remember Routing too … and if the route doesn’t exist then just leave it blank or set it to stereo :bulb:

  • When loading a song … and a plug in is not found … Let us have a choice to select another plug to replace the missing one :bulb:

i wish stein berg would just fix the basic bread and butter stuff of what they have programmed before they keep adding more crap …

And these need to be global, not just per project. All these ‘time saving’ features cost me more time to set up, over and over.

Global vs. per project, hopefully a user option!

A track with 4 channels has different needs than one with 75!

Yer exactly …


Excellent requests. I run into these issues daily.

And, it needs to work without focus so I can change the mixer config while the project is in focus. Without these changes and global settings, configs are useless.

+1, while having no big troubles/problems, these little things kill workflow!!! <<< Zoom not remembered in MixConsole

Does this STILL not work?

It works with the “Fader Bank” buttons on the MCU regardless of focus - which make me happy.
But I would have thought the Key Commands would be the same.


Unless I’m “doing it wrong”, key commands still don’t work if the mixer doesn’t have focus.

Nope…no way I know of. Just for clarification however you should probably mention “when mixer in full screen mode” since it is possible to focus any mixer by cycling the Alt+Tab key.

I completely agree but I believe it’s all we have at the moment…and woefully inadequate. The navigation/focus issues with Cubase are very poor IMO due to the new mix consoles. It’s like “lets just try to make this work with a mouse, and later we can figure out key commands and workflow.” I felt it necessary to emphasize when in mixer full screen mode you won’t even be able to use Alt+Tab to cycle to it.

Im using Qcon Icon that uses MCU protocol with no issues…at least I don’t think there are any focus issues. There are issues with the Icon, but there is no need to focus anything within Cubase.

Strange that steinberg keep adding stuff to cubase without actually changing what we want , need and have asked to have changed maybe they have stopped listening to us or maybe they never listen can understand one mans fix is another mans poison but these changes don’t effect anyones work flow for the worse they only make it better …

i don’t see the remembering zoom configuration added to the list of fixes and improvements yet again … I’m kinda starting to wonder just who there making cubase for… i mean were not asking for much are we?

i will give steinberg praise however for adding the remove projects from the hub thank god for that …

I’m going put it out there …

i like most don’t care what protools, Studio1, Ableton, logic or what ever else can do and we know how you are hell bent to compete against there latest greatest gadgets … save it for New Versions … rant rant rant …( hear me rant)

i guess I’m saying hey steinberg just give us working tools and not a dog with 3 legs

so how bout it can we at least have the software remember the mixers configurations zoom settings and fix the things that are wrong from the stuff you have added before today rather than adding even more to cubase and when you have it right we will let ya know promise … then lets move onto some new stuff for cubase unless of course its an earth shattering new addition that will make our life even more easy then by all means ADD IT …

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