7.5.20 crashes under Windows 7 while opening OSX projects

Hi, I have several projects that were created in Cubase 7.5.20 under OSX Mavericks, and I need to open them with Cubase 7.5.20 for Windows.

I have Windows 7 32-bit version with only 2 GB RAM… When I try to load projects (which have 15-20 audio tracks with plugins and some Halion Sonic VSTi tracks), everything is being loaded for a while, and then I get that long “A serious problem has occured” message, and then (after clicking OK or Cancel), Cubase crashes.

I wonder what’s the problem and if there’s a way to open the projects? I urgently need to export them with some tracks (vocals) turned off… Any ideas? Could it be low memory or something else?

Yeah I would guess it’s caused by low memory.

Also , what you could try is moving out all your vst from the vst folders, then move them again
into the vst folder one by one. ( and reloading cubase each time you move one VST )
That way, you’ll see if the crash occurs when one particular vst is loaded.

my 2 cents

you may want to look into the environment saved with the projects under osx…there may be issues trying to load a core audio device on windows. export in osx 1st then import in win? probably easiest way.

…another 2 cents worth :wink: