7.5.20 Impressions...

Just opened up a project and low and behold…
New Control Room.jpg

Here we go again :laughing:

Working on 7.5.20 for last week. Seems stable so far. But I’m doing more work in Reaper these days, cuz I’m tired of Cubase ugly and buggy mixer.

Steinberg! Hire a good UI designer! Your software costs a lot of money, you can afford it :mrgreen:

lol… So far, the only other thing I noticed (albeit , not impressed) is a preference to colorize Folder tracks only…


As long as it’s stable (errrer) I’m happy (kinda)


WTF :nerd: :nerd: :ugeek:

No EuCon or Video Out fixes (major errors, btw). Maybe in Cubase 8…

Where’s the update ? I don’t see it on Steinberg webpage.

Check this thread…

Oh no. And probably also no fix on the editMode which is broken since 7.5.10.

Can you give anything else?

I also noticed GASE4 opens Whip quick!! and all the presets are there…Not that I use em…lol

Also, Never noticed this before but there’s a Status line and when you click it opens the appropriate setup…that is nice!


Hmm. It’s more clear to my eyes. But I’dont like that new grey color on CR and Visibility/Zones. I prefer black as before…

this. apparently the whole mixconsole gui is done by one person.

in hybernation since 1995, i may add.

Startup was smooth, but the first thing I checked was when reopening the mixconsole if the last zoom settings where remembered, NOT!

Not a biggie but annoying to continueless zooming to the right scale when (re)opening the MC.

Aloha guys and Mahalo for the early reports.

i noticed previous projects cannot be saved because (“project is corrupted”) :frowning: 1st

it seems to me the the asio guard performance is a LOT better… I think the latency has been increased…
can anyone confirm? or is it just my imagination? (completely possible! :slight_smile: )

I was wrong: EuCon is fixed (but undocumented). Let’s see if the video issue is here yet.

I’ve just about had it w/ Beat Designer. As if it couldn’t get any worse they now Force it to be docked on top!!

This is quite possibly the worst thing in Cubase in terms of user configuration.
. It was my goto Beat maker and so simple to use but the window implementation of this has me wanting to punch the screen…


Where is the Click Volume in CR gone?

I cant see these improvements:

TrackVersions: Delete Inactive TrackVersions
Project window toolbar: Additional buttons

Loving it so far!!

Wondering why the control room level resets to -1.63 instead 0f 0.0 (just wondering).

I’m starting to feel really comfortable with the MixConsole. :slight_smile: